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Genetics Bundle

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The genetics bundle includes Exploring the Proof Sheet, Genetic Fundamentals, & Genetic Selection. These courses will provide learners with a basic understanding of genetics.

Exploring the Proof Sheet: his course was designed to help you understand the information on a sire's proof page. It's all too easy to get lost and overwhelmed by the data on a bull proof. In this course, you will explore: (1) where this information comes from; (2) what it means; and (3) how to apply it. We're confident you will take away impactful outcomes that you can apply to your work immediately.

Genetic Fundamentals: In this interactive course experts from PEAK Genetics will walk you through the basics of genetics including milk production, heritability, PTA's, reliability, and genomics.

Genetic Selection: This courses focuses on genetic correlations, the different genetic selection indexes available, and how to use genetic indexes to create different types of cows. This course builds on the concepts found in the online Genetic Fundamentals course.