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Forklift Operator Course Bundle


Forklift accidents rank in the top 10 of all OSHA citations. OSHA estimates that over 1 million forklifts are used in workplaces across America which shows how crucial forklift operator training is to worker safety. Forklift accidents are expensive, with serious injuries or fatalities, and damage to goods and machines, which is why forklift operator safety training is crucial to any workplace environment.

Forklift operator safety training is critical for a safe workplace. In addition, safe workplace conditions like rough surfaces, obstructions, and closed environments can present hazardous conditions that must be addressed. Most forklifts are not designed to handle rough working surfaces like a car. The extreme weight and limited stability of forklifts dramatically reduce the ability to handle rough surfaces, especially when loaded.

This bundle includes the following 5 individual courses:  (1) Fundamentals; (2) Inspection and Maintenance; (3) Load Handling; (4) Safe Driving; (5) Stability and Capacity.