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Chlorine Safety

When you think of chlorine, you think of the chemical that is added to swimming pools, the stuff that makes your eyes itchy and bloodshot and gives your hair an odd green hue, right? And aside from that, it’s fairly harmless, right? It should be remembered that chlorine is a dangerous chemical. It is a highly reactive gas and it is incompatible with many other substances. In fact, chlorine was used during World War I as an agent of chemical warfare, and it was used quite effectively.

Learning objectives:
(1) Explain the forms, uses, properties, exposure limits, and hazards associated with chlorine
(2) Describe the symptoms associated with different types of chlorine exposures
(3) Explain engineering and administrative controls designed to reduce your risk of chlorine exposure
(4) Identify the personal protective equipment you need to protect yourself from different types of chlorine exposures
(5) Describe the actions you should take if you become aware that you have been exposed to an unsafe level of chlorine

Course length: 10 Minutes