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First Aid Course Bundle

What are some common First Aid situations? Well, pretty much any scenario requiring immediate medical attention, as when someone is bleeding, has internal bleeding, is in shock, is severely burned, has been electrocuted, sustained a head injury, has an unexpected dental injury, has a spinal injury, has fractured something, is experiencing heat exhaustion or fighting hypothermia, or has been snake bitten, has been poisoned, is drowning, or having a seizure.

Listen to the Red Cross. “Investing in first-aid training and education not only saves lives but is also cost-effective. First-aid reduces the severity of injuries and at the same time the high cost of medical treatment and the long term consequences for severely injured people.”

This course bundle includes the following individual courses: (1) First Aid - Fundamentals; (2) First Aid - Medical Emergencies; (3) First Aid - Environmental Emergencies; (4) First Aid - Choking; (5) First Aid - Soft Tissue Injuries; (6) First Aid - Musculoskeletal Injuries