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CowSignals® Chapter 5: The Farm Workshop – Details, Conclusions & Advice


Welcome to CowSignals® e-learning! We are excited to teach you how to keep dairy cows healthy and happy. With CowSignals®, dairy cows produce more milk and have longer productive lives. Farms reach 2 more lactations, have lower replacement rates and produce more milk with the same amount of resources!

This course is the fifth and last chapter of the full CowSignals® e-learning. The first 2 chapters covered the theory of the CowSignals® method. In Chapters 3 and 4, we started the practical Farm Workshop: we interviewed a Dutch farmer and assessed his cows with 2 checklists; one from the feed alley and one among the cows.

In this chapter, we take it one step further;
1) We single out one cow and assess her health with our 3rd checklist.
2) We look for every detail that tells us something about the cow’s health and welfare.
3) We explain which signals we encounter and what they mean.
4) We summarize the important signals we saw during the Farm Workshop in the previous chapters.
5) We draw conclusions and formulate advice for the farmer. What can he do to improve cow health and welfare on his farm?

5 Practical video lessons
1 Bonus video: the CowSignals® Cuddle Box
Total video content: 1 hour and 11 minutes
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