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CowSignals® Chapter 3: The Farm Workshop - From the Feed Alley


Welcome to CowSignals® e-learning! We are excited to teach you how to keep dairy cows healthy and happy. With CowSignals®, dairy cows produce more milk and have longer productive lives. Farms reach 2 more lactations, have lower replacement rates and produce more milk with the same amount of resources!

This course is the third chapter of the full CowSignals® e-learning. The first chapters have covered the theory of the CowSignals® method.

In this chapter, we put the theory into practice with part 1 of our Farm Workshop:
1) We visit a Dutch farm and interview the farmer to learn about its results, strengths, and weaknesses.
2) We assess the barn with a checklist; we observe feed, water, light, air, rest, and space from the feed alley.
3) We explain which signals we encounter and what they mean. What can be improved on this farm?

- 6 Practical video lessons
- Total video content: 57 minutes
- Study questions