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CowSignals® Chapter 1: The CowSignals® Concept


Welcome to CowSignals® e-learning! We are excited to teach you how to keep dairy cows healthy and happy. With CowSignals®, dairy cows produce more milk and have longer productive lives. Farms reach 2 more lactations, have lower replacement rates and produce more milk with the same amount of resources!

This course is the first chapter of the full CowSignals® e-learning. In this chapter, we will introduce you to the CowSignals® concept method with these lessons:

1. Looking through the eyes of the cow: Why is it so important, and how does it work?
2. The CowSignals® Diamond: What does a cow need for a healthy life?
3. UNO’s: Look, think, act: How can you observe efficiently, recognize problems, and find the cause?
4. Waiting cows and risk animals: When and where should you be extra alert? Why are waiting cows your best management advisors?
5. The Stress-free Calving Line: how can you minimize problems around calving?

- 5 Theoretical video lessons
- Total video content: 49 minutes
- Study questions