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Online Advisor Course October 2020

Live sessions on October 19th and 20th

This new online course is designed to help create happy cows, happy farmers, and a happy planet by keeping you one step ahead of your competitors! Gain a cutting edge perspective by learning to improve different aspects of dairy farming, such as how to gain two more lactations. 

CowSignals® will give you practical, cow-based knowledge as well as 1 to 1 advisor skills. They will teach you to have more of an impact through asking better questions, and gaining practical, ready to use knowledge and tips with PeopleSignals® Advisory skills. By using the CowSignals® concept in your daily work, you will be able to see past your barn blinders and have healthier cows by preventing diseases. 

This program has a “keep it simple” mindset, using both humor and confrontation to gain knowledge and perspective. If you want to be a pro-active advisor in the sustainable dairy chain, take this course to become a successful CowSignals® Advisor! 

For complete information on how to sign up, please click the link below! 

Use the code DairylearningCS2020 to get €50 off the registration fee!