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Improving Beef Herds with Artificial Insemination 

The Game Changer: Improving Genetics in Beef Cattle Herds with Artificial Insemination

During this webinar Brad Johnson, Beef Genetics Director at GENEX, discusses how you can improve the beef cattle on your farm!  We are discussing the ways that you can focus an artificial insemination based crossbreeding program that can result in superior cattle.  This is an introduction into basic beef crosses characteristics that leave you with a higher quality beef animal that results in higher profitability on your farm.

Using Artificial Insemination vs. Natural Service:

         Shorter Calving Intervals

         Reduce Risk of introducing disease

         Chance to individually mate cows

         Increased Uniformity – group size, carcass weight

Your Biggest Advantage as a Beef Producer Using A.I. is:

         High accuracy, high genetic merit sires

         Selected for economically relevant traits

         Results in true genetic progress & long-term profitability

Using AI on your herd creates healthier cattle and more valuable cattle.  

Watch the full presentation below!