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Chemical Safety

If you work with industrial chemicals each day, then you make your living in a high-risk work environment. Chemicals are a broad category, but almost always we’re talking about substances that are unpredictable, unstable, and dangerous when handled unsafely. Chemicals may be made of organic or inorganic compounds that, in some combination, are not naturally occurring in the environment, which is part of the reason they present a danger. They are normally highly refined and now more than ever, created for specialized processes or purposes.

In this course you will learn to:
(1) Recognize workplace chemical hazards and the risks associated with their use
(2) List conditions that may present an exposure risk, possible routes of exposure, and the factors that influence an individual's reaction to a chemical exposure incident
(3) Demonstrate safety precautions that should be taken by workers and employers to minimize exposure to chemicals
(4) Demonstrate safe storage, transport, and disposal practices for hazardous chemicals
(5) Describe appropriate response actions in the event of a chemical incident

Course length: 20 Minutes