Measurable results from Denmark Dairy Manager School

For the fourth time this year we held a Dairy Manager School with Dr. Gordie Jones in Europe July 12-14. It was the first time in Denmark. Despite a smaller class size, the success was great! In total 11 people attended the school, which allowed everyone to stay intently involved during their 2.5 days together.

During the session we worked on the dairies of Jörn Friis Moller and Martijn Damsteegt with 550 and 750 cows, respectively. With the changes in feeding strategies suggested to and implemented by these farms, both dairies raised their daily milk production by 1.5 kg and 4 kg milk, respectively, in the weeks following the school. You can imagine that these guys are happy about what Alta brought them through the DMS.

Mark Swaving, our account manager in Denmark is very impressed with the impact the schools have had for his customers and his relationship with them. He is so excited that he, himself already lined up nine farmers for the next school with Dr. Tom Fuhrmann in October.

Don’t miss out on the real, measurable benefits of sending your clients to Dairy Manager Schools or AltaU, too!

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