In the DairyComp Overview and Basics class you will interact step-by-step with how to navigate through the main tool bar, command line, program tabs, menus and quick keys of DairyComp. You will be guided through, using, accessing, navigating and customizing CowCards. We will give an overview with interactive lessons on what items and events are in DairyComp and basic entry and removal of items and events and the sacred 18 event codes. We have a course designed especially for consultants on how to SAVE, CREATE, ABSORB, and EXTRACT a DairyComp file for offsite evaluation.


The DairyComp Overview and Basics course goes in depth with items in the DairyComp and how to use the command line from how to write a command to adding, changing and deleting stored commands. Along with take a look into the structure of GUIDE in DairyComp.


In the DairyComp Intermediate On Farm class will  go over the different entry methods for data and EVENTS into DairyComp. A brief explanation of the deference between LIST and SHOW. We are hands on in editing, adding and customizing pulldown menus. We will go in-depth in VETLIST, what the parameters, constraints and command for VETLIST. Along with adding cows to VETLIST and running a VETLIST.


The DairyComp Analysis class will cover most of the analytical tools in DairyComp. We will learn to add, COUNT and PCT (percent) areas of DairyComp as well as plot and graph different areas to see trends in a herds file. There will be videos showing using these tools for on farm evaluation.  DairyComp Analysis class will go over Economic & Business Planning showing the economic reports designed to help you make decisions on herds. This class will cover using CWVAL and PGVAL along with how to set the parameters for these tools. We will so go into detail about ECON covering bulk tank report, projected herd inventory and dead cow report to name a few. There will be videos showing using these tools for on farm evaluation.