A five-day training for progressive dairy owners and managers to expose unrealized profit potential.  Learn directly from the world’s most highly regarded dairy industry leaders and university experts! Classes are limited to 18 attendees to maximize interaction with instructors and like-minded participants.


In every AltaU class we have, improving “people management” skills is mentioned by at least 90% of the participants as an important topic they want to learn during the week.


You will learn how to use personality style analysis to understand your employees, improve communication, clarifying and distinguishing management from leadership, and empowering workers by a more organized work structure and using information to manage employees are topics covered during this portion of the class.

Cow comfort should be the number one priority in every dairy. Have you looked at your practices to ensure this rule applies to your herd?


We will take an in-depth look at how animal welfare, cow-human interaction and facility design that maximizes comfort, has a direct impact on your bottom line.  This topic covers the basic corners to promote the work life style your cows deserve.

How are you taking care of the future of your dairy? We know that your highest genetic potential, and future dairy’s productivity and performance rely on the female calves that are born and will be raised to start their productive life when they are two years old. Are you doing the best as you can to take good care of them, and secure the expression of this genetic potential?


During this session, we break several myths on calves and heifers’ management practices, presenting a concise and effective approach on best practices to secure their health and proper development.

When was the last time you looked at the hoof trimming management in your dairy? Did you ever learn about hoof anatomy and understood why some lesions happen?


In this topic, we cover the basics of hoof health, best practices on hoof trimming and strategies to prevent hoof lesions in a simple and effective approach.

With 50-55% of your cost of production related to your feed management, when was the last time you looked at this topic with open and critical eyes?


This class covers the basics of cow and heifer nutritional needs to maximize production, as well as feed management practices to avoid losses and improve efficiency.

The udder is the most important anatomic structure in a dairy. Economic losses with cases of mastitis are significant, and the success of your cow flow and performance is directly related to your parlor performance.


This topic covers the most important aspects from your milking procedures, targeting a more efficient and profitable way to collect milk from your cows.

Why do some cows respond to synchronization protocols and others don’t? What is the physiology behind those treatments? What is the ideal voluntary waiting period? Should I artificially inseminate cows in estrus or should I take advantage of other fertility programs?


We use the best experts in the industry to help you to respond these and other questions related to reproductive management, and help you to decide which is the best approach to maximize your herd’s reproductive efficiency and performance.

What numbers do you look at to evaluate your herd’s performance? After looking at those numbers, what type of decision do you take? After implementing a change, how do you monitor future results and compare to previous performance to evaluate this decision?


In this session, we aim to guide you on selecting useful numbers to look at your dairy, to think critically when numbers and graphs are presented to you, and to use economic decision-making tools to program a change and evaluate the evolution of that decision.

Genetics are an important topic on your dairy, but have you spent some time thinking about what type of animals you will be milking in the future? Have you been exposed to the world of genomics in a way you can understand and apply to your dairy?


In this session, we take a deeper look at how genetics work, how you can use genomic information in your benefit, and how a strong customized genetic plan can secure the future of your herd.

In this fun and informative section, you will learn about your personality and how to identify the personality types of the people working on your operation.  You will learn the benefits of flexing your style to others so you can understand and influence others.


Tuition covers classes, all meals and hotel accommodations during the AltaU session.

*If course materials need to be translated for a language other than English price will change.  Please contact us for more information.