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Dr. Glaucio Lopes

AltaU Manager

Alta Genetics

Glaucio manages our progressive dairy herd manager school, Alta University. Glaucio is a native of Brazil, and received his MS in Repro Physiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has previously worked as a Repro Specialist and Large Herd Manager. Now, he focuses primarily on external client training and leads our Repro Consultation Training for staff. Glaucio is the President Elect of the Dairy Cattle Reproductive Council and is currently working towards his Executive MBA from UW-Madison while working with Alta.

Bartele Verbeek

Market Development Manager

Alta Genetics

Bartele has been active in the bovine industry working in many countries around the world for more than 30 years.  He has a farming background and a Masters degree in Animal Breeding and Genetics.  He is passionate about progressive dairy farming, loves to interact with dairymen and likes to challenge them on making changes towards a more successful future with their dairies. Bartele is responsible for all People Development training activities in Europe, including key activities like staff training and managing the Dairy Manager Schools.

Dr. Paul Fricke

Professor of Dairy Science

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Dr. Paul M. Fricke was raised on his family’s row crop and dairy farm located near Papillion, Nebraska where his family continues to farm today.  Paul has a Ph.D. degree in Reproductive Physiology from the Department of Animal Sciences at North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota.  Dr. Fricke focuses on understanding the biology underlying the many reproductive problems presented by modern dairy cattle.  His goal is to improve reproductive efficiency of dairy cattle by applying knowledge gained through scientific research to develop practical management strategies and assess new reproductive technologies.


Paul is a sought after speaker for dairy farmer, industry, and veterinary audiences.  He has spoken to over 500 audiences in 34 U.S. states, 6 Canadian provinces, and 25 foreign countries spanning 5 continents around the world and authored or co-authored 82 peer-reviewed scientific journal publications, 112 scientific abstracts, and 5 book chapters.

Dr. Tom Furhmann

Founder of Dairy Works

Tom is a dairy cattle veterinarian; a practitioner with over 25 years of experience working exclusively with dairy herds. Tom understands the job and “connects” with herdsmen, dairy owners, managers and workers. Born and raised on a Wisconsin dairy, Tom dedicated his veterinary career to the dairy industry and dairy cows. Having worked with some of the largest and highest producing dairies in the U.S. and around the world, Tom knows what it takes to be successful. Years of hands-on cowside experience have taught Tom about practical application.

Tom knows cows and understands people. He can explain principles and facts and demonstrate how to put these into practice for better results. Through Dairy Works, he brings years of experience and a passion for results to help producers improve management on dairies.

Dr. Gordie Jones

Cow Housing and Management Expert

Co-owner of Central Sands Dairy

Dr. Jones is a globally acclaimed expert on cow facility design, as the designer of Fair Oaks Farms’ infamous Indiana dairy with 20,000 cows on several sites, and a consultant for dairy operations the world over. Jones currently lives in De Pere, WI. He attended Michigan State University, receiving both his bachelor of dairy science and doctorate of veterinary medicine degrees. He practiced in Wisconsin for 22 years, and then joined the Monsanto team for 3 years. Today, Dr. Jones is a partner at the 4,000 cow Central Sands Dairy in Nekoosa, Wis. He now speaks and consults to help producers focus on keeping cows at peak production, or “Finding Lost Milk: Management, Facility and Cow Comfort Measures to optimize production on your dairy.”

Dr. David Reid

Rocky Ridge Dairy Consulting

David A. Reid, DVM owns and operates Rocky Ridge Dairy Consulting, LLC based in Hazel Green Wisconsin. The company is dedicated to providing dairy producers with information and services designed to maximize the production of quality milk. Dr. Reid has 43 years of experience as a practicing dairy veterinarian, dairy consultant, eight plus years as an industry consultant and since 2011 again as an independent dairy consultant.

Dr. Luis Mendonca

Sr. Dairy Repro Mgmt Research Specialist

Kansas State University

Dr. Luís Mendonça received his D.V.M degree from Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Brazil, and his M.S. degree and completed his residency in Dairy Production Medicine at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota.  Previously, Luís worked in a private practice that specialized in embryo transfer and in vitro embryo production, as well as doing postgraduate research at the Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center in Tulare, CA.


Dr. Mendonça joined the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University in 2013 as a State Dairy Extension Specialist where he now has a 30% research and 70% extension appointment.  His goal is to develop and carry out research related to immune function, health, heat abatement and reproductive management of dairy cattle.

Dr. Steve Eicker

Founder of Valley Ag Software

Dr. Eicker is one of the brilliant minds behind DairyComp, the leading farm management software in the industry. He is one of the most impactful speakers, teachers, and trainers at industry meetings and universities. Dr. Eicker knows how to make money with a dairy.  Based on solid farm data, collected through DairyComp, which manages 70% of all cows in the large dairies in the USA, he has done a lot of research and written many articles. If farmers would implement half of his messages, they would stand out from the competition pretty fast. To learn from Dr. Eicker is a unique opportunity to learn how to make positive changes happen on your dairy.

Karl Burgi

Co-Founder of the Dairyland Hoof Care Insitute, Inc.

Karl is an internationally known hoof care provider, hoof trimming instructor, hoof health consultant, and equipment designer. He has thirty years of hoof-trimming experience and has designed and marketed his own upright hoof trimming chute, the Accu-trim® Leg Restraint System. Karl co-founded the Dairyland Hoof Care Institute, Inc., a comprehensive hoof trimming school training over 4,000 hoof trimmers, veterinarians, dairy producers, herd managers, consultants, and agriculture professionals from over 50 countries. Drawing from his hoof health experience, he later founded Sure Step Consulting International, LLC to provide clients with recommendations to reduce and prevent lameness. His business philosophy and personal mission is to SAVE COWS®.

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